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  • Who We Are.

    Company Overview

    Background: Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, California Venture Partners Inc. provides web development, web design, branding, and search marketing consulting services as well as builds and maintains its own web properties.

    Conceived by Paul Baumgarthuber, Gabriel Meierotto and Christopher Khan after recognizing the necessity to establish websites possessing cohesiveness and clarity across all levels of website interactions. As experts in their respective disciplines, the three partners used their knowledge and experience to develop a methodology for creating compelling websites that connect with their target audience.

    By maintaining a focused and flexible team, they are able to maximize communication while facilitating the advancement and timely completion of projects. CaliVP provides individuals and companies with partnership oppurtunities along with consulting services that have all the benefits and experience of using a traditional advertising agency without any of the overhead, politics, or communication issues.

  • Gabe Meierotto


    Design Phenom

    Background: After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Gabe quickly realized that the print industry was rapidly declining and the web industry was on the rise. He decided to start working for the web based company This proved to be a great stepping stone for Gabe as he learned many things about the internet, domain names, web servers, etc. Gabe quickly moved up the ladder and migrated over to "The Domain Name After Market" department where he performed domain name appraisals on a daily basis.

    Gabe later decided to feed his hunger to design websites and took a job as a web designer where he maintained and designed 7 websites for an automotive dealership. After gaining considerable knowledge of design and the inner workings of what it takes to maintain a successful website, Gabe once again decided to move on and form his own company with two friends. The company would be called "California Venture Partners" and focuses on building successful websites for themselves as well as others.

    Likes: Designing websites, hiking mountains, chewing Orbit gum, reading thought provoking books, picking up weights, then setting them back down, and browsing

    Listening To: All sorts/forms of techno.

    Skill Set:

    • » Logo Design
    • » Web Design
    • » Product Design
    • » Email Design
    • » Conversion Optimization
    • » Landing Page Design
    • » Interface Design
    • » Usability Consulting
    • » W3 Compliant HTML/CSS
  • Chris Khan


    Development Genius

    Background: After Chris got his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, he decided to continue down that path at Purdue University. He soon realized that only he would be able to provide himself with sufficiently interesting challenges. The freedom, availability of challenges, applicability to business development, and rate of industry growth associated with web development coaxed him into that field.

    One day he dove in and started developing web applications. He learned as quickly as he could so he could start making a living. Before long, he had worked on most aspects of projects of many sizes, maturity levels, and technologies. This gave him the comprehensive experience required to effectively manage and develop applications from top to bottom with confidence and proficiency. It became a no-brainer to team up with two good friends whose knowledge perfectly complemented his own. That would complete their knowledge and abilities in the web development process.

    Likes: Most sciences and engineering disciplines, spending time with family and friends, working out, and cooking

    Listening To: Coheed and Cambria, Three 6 Mafia, Mickey Avalon, Massive Attack, and vocal trance.

    Skill Set:

    • » Backend Code
    • » Frontend Code
    • » Database Development
    • » Web Server Configuration
    • » Flash
    • » Caching Schemes
    • » Networking
    • » Media Handling
    • » CDN
  • Paul Baumgarthuber


    Search Guru

    Background: As far back as Paul could remember computers have been a part of his life. His love of computers motivated him to pursue a career in the field. In 2005, Paul graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems. With his knowledge and passion for computers, Paul started a home automation company with three other partners. After designing and installing home control systems for about a year and half Paul decided he wanted to shift his focus to a different aspect of the computer industry and ventured into the world of domain names via

    Paul played an integral role in the advancement and management of GoDaddy's domain name aftermarket. His understanding of domain names and their values fueled his motivation to improve the methodologies and procedures used to value domain names. In his time there Paul became a well respected domain name expert and a trusted source of technical internet information. Along with Paul's love for domain names came a passion for optimizing the website's they represented.

    In March of 2008, Paul accepted an opportunity to work with a Phoenix based advertising company who represent some very large local and national clients. As a Google Certified Professional, the opportunity allowed Paul to display his talents on a national stage by working with high profile clients such as and During his time with The Lavidge Company Paul managed over $250,000 per month in paid search and organized many extremely effective national and international search campaigns. In addition to paid search, Paul also organized cunning organic ranking strategies which included both on-page and off-page optimization. After working for The Lavidge Company for over a year Paul decided the time had come for him to go out on his own and thus California Venture Partners Inc. was born.

    Likes: Working out,, Google, laptops, 24 inch monitors, cooking, eating the cooked food, traveling, movies, and the ocean.

    Listening To: Like the weather it changes from day to day.

    Connect With:

    Skill Set:

    • » Social Media
    • » Back Link Building
    • » Paid Search Management
    • » Content Optimization
    • » HTML Optimization
    • » Content Syndication
    • » Article Optimization
    • » Analytics Management
    • » Conversion Optimization